Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Review: Deep Night

This is my first Greg Gifune novel and I have to say that I was very impressed. 

The man can write.

I felt every character, step-by-step, breath-by-breath as they walked through this intricate, slowly evolving story of the deepest, darkest impending doom.

This is a very cerebral, thinking man’s book and if you’re looking for a story with a quick horror “pay-off”, this isn’t the book for you. The horror (the scare) is slow in coming and doesn’t creep to its pounding crescendo until the very end.

I was instantly reminded of the Jody Foster movie, Contact.

You know the one…

…Where you keep thinking you’re going to see the aliens at the end of the movie (but you don’t). You do see something though it’s not really clear what it is.

Greg never comes right out and tells you what the horror actually is. He leaves it for the reader to decide. Is it aliens? Or is it demons? Perhaps it’s just a Stepford Wife type of conformity that’s gripping mankind?

Looking forward to reading his latest !

Rating: 7.0

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  1. Hell yeah, Gifune is awesome! Two of my favorites are SAYING UNCLE and THE BLEEDING SEASON.