Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Watching

This short novella has all the makings of a modern day Halloween fable. In fact, while I was reading I kept thinking that this would have made a great episode of the Twilight Zone or Tales From The Darkside (can be seen on the Chiller network). If you love Halloween, if you “feel” Halloween and count down the days to Halloween, you’ll love this book.

This is the story of a young woman named Pat that doesn’t often stray very far from her home. Something awful happened in the past and her entire family disappeared without a trace. First her beloved young aunt and then later, the aunt & uncle that raised her on a farm just outside of town. Pat knows what happened but she’s not talking because, well... who would believe her anyhow ? Pat barely believes it herself.

Out of the blue, Pat gets an invitation to the Halloween dance from Tim, a nice guy she used to go to school with and decides its finally time to step out on the town and maybe start living again. Will this be the start of a new romance and a normal life or will this Halloween turn out to be a night of very deadly mistakes ?

Rating: 8.5

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